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Rodrigues Island is a small volcanic island in the Indian Ocean, at latitude 19°43’ S and longitude 63°25’ E, Rodrigues Island stretches over a surface area of 108 km2. Some 650 km to the north-east of Mauritius of which it is a territory. The island is18 km long, 8 km wide. On the north coast, the capital Port Mathurin features colonial buildings including the former governor’s residence. In the southwest, the François Leguat Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve is home to fruit bats and giant tortoises, plus underground caves like the stalactite-filled Grande Caverne.

Rodrigues is surrounded by a lagoon dotted with small islands, including Île aux Cocos, populated by thousands of seabirds. The waters around Île aux Chats and Île Hermitage are well suited to snorkeling, and the more exposed waters of the outer reef are popular kitesurfing and windsurfing destinations. Big game fishing includes marlin and sailfish. Ziplining at Montagne Malgache provides dramatic views of the lagoon and valleys of the south coast. There are also views from the top of Mont Limon, a peak in the center of the island. To the east, secluded Trou d’Argent beach sits on a small cove between 2 cliffs. The island enjoys a tropical climate with temperatures varying between 28 and 35°C during the Southern summer, which coincides with the cyclonic season (November to April) and between 18 and 27°C in winter.


Ile Aux Cocos

Located amidst the south-eastern lagoon of Rodrigues and reputed for the sandy necklace of beach encircling its shores, the ill-named Ile aux Cocos is in fact a natural refuge for colonies of seabirds, just like its twin sister, Ile aux Sables, a short distance away. Ile aux Cocos can be accessed by pirogue only with an authorization delivered by Discovery Rodrigues Company Limited. Duly registered operators have access to the island for the day. It is however forbidden to light fires on the island and only partial access is allowed to ensure the tranquillity of the birds and their nestlings.


Trou D’Argent

Accessible on foot from Graviers, Pointe Canon or Saint François, Trou d’Argent is reminiscent of those hidden treasures never to be found. Nestled in an inlet a short distance away from the coral reef, it can be reached with moderate effort by walking along the coastline and preserved narrow creek-like coves. Like a mirage, it offers itself to the eyes of the visitor in a strong and unyielding manner. Offering a true change of scenery, its peaceful atmosphere is lulled by the rolling waves almost at arm’s reach, breaking on the reefs and inducing a feeling of safety and tranquillity in all respect of natural forces. Trou d’Argent has recently been ranked among the 30 best preserved beaches in the world


Caverne Patate

Embedded underneath a coral plain resulting from the movement of tectonic plates, Caverne Patate is one of the places to visit imperatively while on vacation in Rodrigues. Against a fee, professional guides on the site will take you to the discovery of 2,000 ft (600 m) of stalactites and stalagmites unique in the Indian Ocean


François Leguat Giant Tortoise And Cave Reserve

On the southern coast, just minutes away from the airport, the François Leguat Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve is the result of passion for the natural heritage of the island.  Until the 18th century, three species of tortoise could be found here according to the accounts of François Leguat himself.  

Over-exploitation as a consequence of man’s quest for fresh meat for sea voyages got the better of the population of reptiles in a matter of decades. Scattered remains found namely in the limestone plains of the south constituted a feast for scientists around the world before restoration enthusiasts embarked on a project to reintroduce akin species of tortoises from Aldabra and Madagascar, amongst others. The coming back of tortoises to the island was a source of great delight for the inhabitants. 

Since then, tortoises are given all the attention they deserve at the François Leguat Natural Reserve at Anse Quitor. With time, they are taking back their natural habitat, these limestone plains that once provided a last refuge for the last specimens of species that are now extinct.


Zipline Adventure

Facing the south coast of Rodrigues with breathtaking views down to the lagoon,Tyrodrig is a zip line adventure that takes you across 3 lush green valleys amidst flying paille en queues.Discover the beauty of the island suspended at a thrilling height of more than 100 meters above the dense vegetation with the longest zip lines spanning over 400 meters..


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